BIO Plastics for a better future.

We test new, environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials from renewable sources.

Injection-moulded packaging products

brizgana embalaza

Our production of plastic packaging products can be adapted to any demand, for we are experienced and skilled in a wide selection of technologies.

Our products are intended for food and chemical industries:
- DAIRY PLANTS (cottage cheese, yoghourt, spreads,…)
- VEGETABLE PROCESSING PLANTS (sauerkraut, sour turnip, dried fruits,…)
- MEAT PROCESSING PLANTS (minced lard, pâtés, pork cracklings,…)
- FAST FOOD SHOPS (salads, soups, desserts,…)
- CHEMICAL PLANTS (paints, colours, putty, glue, soda crystals,…)