Thermoformed (vacuumed) packaging products

termoformirana embalaza

Thermoformed (vacuumed) packaging products are used mainly for cold food products, used in:

- BAKERIES and SWEET SHOPS (biscuits, cakes,…)
- FAST FOOD SHOPS (salads, desserts,…)


Container 300 ml

art. 3831058820916

Container 400 ml

art. 3831058820923

Cover for container

art. 3831058828248

Tray 916 with cover - black

art. 3831058823450

Dosage V-450

art. 3831058800321

Dosage K-70

art. 3831058809485

Dosage 125ml

art. 3831058804206

Dosage 250ml

art. 3831058804312